Politics VS Bullshit?

PoliticsBefore 2017, I could not give a rats arse about politics, I would avoid ‘politic talk’ like the plague. Until the 2017 election, I was soon interested. After all it is my future that is in the governments hands.

I believe in all of these conspiracies as I find most of them interesting. I believe the Government is corrupt. Why else would they cut all pay rises, free school meals, education funds, increase taxes and so much more to make over 70% of UK residents lives even more difficult?!

Two sides of the story – Jeremy Corbin, Labour put the country in a lot of debt which the conservatives are now trying to get us out of. But instead of spending the billions of money that this country does on nuclear weapons and armed sales, why don’t they spend it on the things that really matters in life. The NHS? Education? Police and Jails for the safety of the United Kingdom. After Brexit, Government days have been extremely difficult but that is no excuse to make normal people’s lives hard and unbearable. Instead of working to live, we live to work and that shouldn’t be the case.

After the attack on Manchester, there have been conspiracies, argument, debates and anger across the nation. People are pointing fingers and making remarks against muslims or immigrants. People don’t understand that the majority – 80% +- – of Muslims or Islams are peaceful and come to this country with peace, kindness and love. However, the radicals have put a bad name in for them. Many may disagree but I want to express my views;

I don’t agree with immigrants coming over to the country for nothing more than sitting at home on benefits and not putting the work in like most people, but born English do exactly the same, not just immigrants. Immigration, for many people has been a problem, but they do the jobs that no body wants to do, bin people? Cleaners? Not many people want to do those jobs, so they don’t. However, when a foreign people comes to our country and is offered a job like that, they take it, because all they care about is if they have a job to provide for themselves and family, if they have. Most immigrants are also doing the top paid jobs or the most important jobs. How many doctors/nurses have you seen in the NHS that are white British compared to any other race. It shouldn’t matter, if they have a right to be in this country and if they have a right to work and they want to work, or they want to come to peace and safety we should open our arms to them. They people we should get rid off is the people who pose a threat on all of us. The radicals and extremists are violent and proceed to do inhumane actions for sickly beliefs and enjoyment. We should be targeting those, not all radicals and extremists are foreign? What about white extremists? A research was conducted and found White extremists were by far the most dangerous. They pointed to the recent Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, S.C., and the 2012 attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, as well as many lesser-known attacks on Jewish institutions and on police. They found that 48 people were killed by white terrorists, while 26 were killed by radical Islamists, since Sept. 11.

2016, 16 June. Labour MP Jo Cox, aged 41, was killed by Thomas Mair, 52 who shouted “Britain first” during the attack, according to testimony given in court. Cox was fatally shot and stabbed outside the library in Birstall, West Yorkshire, A 77-year-old local man, Bernard Kenny, was stabbed in the stomach while trying to fend off her attacker. The Crown Prosecution Service described it as an act of terror.

There are many more terrorist attacks just in the last 5 years by British residents. So no more finger-pointing, tackle the actual problem. Don’t make a problem out of nothing.

Another problem, the education system. I am a student so I can speak loud and clear for anyone who is reading. The education system is definitely wrong and ridiculous! Making a 15/16-year-old memorise numerous textbooks in and out just for 20% of it to come up on the exam. No wonder UK’s statistics for children with depression and anxiety are rising rapidly. Some older, mothers/fathers, grandparents. You will see the struggle your children go through just to get a ‘decent’ pass grade, let alone a top grade. The new GCSE system with point coring from 1-9 is just stupid. The grade boundaries has been A*-U since before the 80’s. May wants to bring the tripartite System back. This includes taking SAT tests at the age of 8-9, if you get a good grade you go to a gramma school, if not you go to a comprehensive school and if you completely fail you don’t go to school, you learn to build, or use your hands in what ever way you can. I found this outrageous. Education is not meant to discriminate people and downgrade students. It’s about young people learning new things in different areas to find what’s best for their future. They should be learning about the workplace, they should be learning about how the outside world works and how they can live, not just survive. But learning all the formulas in Mathematics just because of the national curriculum is absurd! Under 10% will need those formulas for their jobs. People will then argue, “get and apprentice then?” But you have to stay in full-time education until you are at the age of 18, and stay in school until 16. So for the smart people who just don’t learn in school conditions and who get penalised for not knowing their times table are labelled ‘stupid’ and a ‘failure’. This is disgusting, people focus and some people don’t. But how do you know that the one kid who got straight D’s isn’t an expert in computing or is an expert in other areas. You can’t expect a fish to climb a tree in a race with a monkey. People will also argue “Only the people who fail say it’s hard”. I completely disagree, I got nothing below a grade B at GCSE with 4 A’s and an A*, but I will still stand my ground and argue that the education system is not healthy and will drive children to mental health problems.

And the Free school dinners being cut by Tories? I find this disgusting. They promised Breakfast instead of free school lunches. But they put 6.5p towards every child for their school breakfast. How many slices of bacon can you get a for 6.5p? You an’t even get a damn coco pop for that! I speak from personal experiences, if it wasn’t for free school dinners for the period of e being 5-7 years old, I would not have eaten for the whole day, because we couldn’t afford food at night-time. And I know for a fact that there are many more just like me, who are completely dependent on free schools meals, and now without them they may starve. A sandwich may only cost less than £1, but some people don’t have that.

This infuriates me, the fact that Bankers and politicians can sleep at night-time with billions in their bank account knowing that the majority of people in Britain has never even had over 1/6th of that in their bank account. And the only person who promises to help the poverty and people who are struggling, with disabilities, or being young/old, being mentally ill etc, is Jeremy Corbin. Yes his promises may be filled with holes, but at least he is the one highlighting these issues.

That’s my rant done for the day.

-Kristen 🙂

Biology can be tough…

Biology A level is definitely difficult. But it doesn’t mean giving up is the answer.

I’ve still got one more AS level exam to go and its Biology Paper 2. My whole week has been filled with biology revision and repetition. I believe the way to success is repetition, if you want something to stick in the head, REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT. How many times have you played your favourite  song over again and know every single word. Revision is no different.

Keep revising, it all pays off in the end! biology-revision.jpg